Pizza! is a discord.js Discord bot that allows people to order any kind of food and get delivered!

Easy to use

Want to order something? Just invite the bot and run the !order command.
How easy is that?

Frequent updates!

The bot has a always-learning team behind it to provide frequent updates to improve your experience!


You can be part of the Kitchen Cook team and prepare orders!
You just need to fill a quick application in the "Apply for Kitchen Cook" section once logged!

Meet the team behind Pizza!

You can meet other staff members on our Discord! Click the Join the Guild button in the top of the website!

Self-taught Full Stack developer, main developer and creator of the Pizza! Bot.

Head of the Pizzeria, right arm of JiveOff.

Head of the Pizzeria, almighty wolf.

thank u, next.

Our Discord guild and partners

Have a look at our Discord and meet our cool partners.


A fun and useful discord bot with an extended economy system, roleplay and more!

Useful links: their support server, the bot! Feel free to check them out.

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